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Therapeutic Assessment
based on
Cognitive Analytic Therapy
A manualised approach to assessing
adolescents presenting with self-harm
Dennis Ougrin
Audrey V. Ng
Tobias Zundel

Dr Ougirn graduated from a medical school in Ukraine in 1998 and came to England to undertake his post-graduate training. He completed his higher training in child and adolescent psychiatry at Guy's and Maudsley and is currently a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry leading Supported Discharge Service at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.
Dr Ougrin is also a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry. Dr Ougrin leads a programme of information exchange between the UK and Ukraine and organises annual conferences on psychiatric services’ development in Ukraine. His main professional interests include prevention of Borderline Personality Disorder and effective interventions for self-harm.
Dr Ougrin is an author of Therapeutic Assessment, a novel model of assessment for the young people presenting with self-harm in emergency. He is the chief investigator of a randomised controlled trial of Supported Discharge Service versus Treatment as Usual in adolescents admitted for in-patient care. Dr Ougrin is a mental health theme editor of London Journal of General Practice and an honorary research and audit consultant at NHS Brent.

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